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In our daily life, we interact with different people. During normal talking, they become happy or sad. Suddenly they changed their mood. These mood swings sustain persistently. These are the signs of bipolar disorder. So what is bipolar disorder, its symptoms and risk factors? Bipolar disorder is also known as manic depression. In this disorder, the individual showed high and low mood changes. Symptoms of this disorder showed in the periods.

Mood swings between happiness and sadness are normal for most people. The difference between normal mood swings and bipolar disorder is that bipolar symptoms are more severe. But also strong mood swings do not necessarily indicate a bipolar disorder. Children and adolescents with attention deficit syndrome with attention deficit syndrome (ADHD) may have disturbing mood swings. Mood swings can be more common during pregnancy or menopause.

According to NIMH, most people with this disease develop during late puberty or early adolescence. However, it can also develop young people and younger children. Diagnosing children and adolescents can be even more difficult as their symptoms may not fully meet the diagnostic criteria. Children and adolescents with bipolar disorder often have mental or behavioral problems such as attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), making it difficult to diagnose bipolar disorder.

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