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Doctors For Congenital Aural Atresia & Microtia In Adana

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How can I find treatment of Congenital Aural Atresia Microtia?

Congenital Aural Atresia and Microtia is a congenital abnormality in which a child's external ear is underdeveloped and usually malformed. One (unilateral) or both (bilateral) ears may be affected. It happens unilaterally in about 90% of cases. Microtia is most common in the first trimester of pregnancy, during the first few weeks of development.
Some children with microtia may have partial or complete hearing loss in the affected ear, which can have a negative impact on their quality of life. As children with partial hearing loss learn to speak, they may develop speech problems. Because of the hearing loss, interaction may be difficult, but therapy options can help. Deafness necessitates additional lifestyle adjustments and adaptations, but these are achievable, and most children adapt well.