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How can I find treatment of Critical Diseases?

Critical diseases consist of various illnesses such as organ transplant, cancer, stroke, heart attack, paralysis, and renal failure. There are almost more than 30 types of diseases that can come under critical diseases plan.

Critical Diseases Facts and Figures

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the most deaths caused in 2019 were critical diseases, including ischemic heart attack, stroke, and COPD. Ischemic heart disease kills 16% of the world's population and is the leading cause of death worldwide. Some further facts and statistics about critical diseases have been listed below:

Most Common Critical Disease in the WorldIschaemic Heart Disease
Common inAdults and older adults
At-Risk GenderMales 
Average Age for DiagnosisAny age 
Problems related to Critical DiseasesStroke, heart attack, cancer, respiratory issues
Specialists Who Treat Critical DiseasesMedical Specialists