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How can I find treatment of Dementia?

Marham provides the list of top 10 Dementia doctors in Bhalwal. We are trusted by our dementia specialists who are known for their quality services, and treatments based on their medical experience, practice locations, availability hours, patient reviews, and price range. 

What is Dementia?

Dementia is a group of diseases that describes thinking, reasoning, and memory impairments. The disease interferes with a person’s everyday activity to think, behave, and respond. This decline in cognitive abilities covers a wide range of mental health diseases including Alzheimer’s disease. The severity of the disease varies from person to person. Dementia may be mild in some but it compromises basic life activities in others.

Neurologists — doctors who specialize in disorders of the brain and nervous system — are often consulted to diagnose dementia in Bhalwal. Geriatric psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, and geriatricians may also be able to diagnose dementia.

Diagnosis of Dementia

The neurologist evaluates the condition based on the symptoms and collects family and medical history. The neuro-physician prescribes certain tests for a detailed overview of the disease to decide on the optimum treatment approach. Some of the diagnostic tests include;

  • Blood tests: Blood tests are performed to rule out the other conditions that may cause dementia such as vitamin B deficiency

  • Genetic tests: Genetic test helps in the evaluation of the family history of the patient which contributes significantly to the development of the disease

  • Psychiatric evaluation: The neurologist performs this evaluation to check for depression and other mental disorders that may cause dementia

  • Brain scans: Detailed brain imaging helps the neurologist to examine the inside of the brain which gives an insight into the brain's condition

  • Cognitive neurological exam: A questionnaire is prepared for the patient to solve which helps in evaluating the language, thinking, reasoning, and learning abilities.

Treatment of Dementia

About 20% of the cases of dementia are reversible. The dementia doctors in Bhalwal may use certain medications to treat the disease. The treatment options include;

  • Some drugs to treat Alzheimer’s disease are used to treat dementia.

  • Medicines like acetylcholinesterase inhibitors are used to slow down the disease progression including cognitive changes.

However, if the disease is irreversible, the therapy focuses on the management of the disease and the symptoms

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