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How can I find treatment of Eczema?

Anyone who has ever had poison ivy or mosquito bites knows how much the scratching urge can be severe, but especially with eczema, it can lead to a violent cycle of itching. "The initial itching causes the patient to scratch, resulting in temporary relief," says Steven Q. Wang, director of dermatology and dermatology surgery at Kettering Cancer, New Jersey. "However, the scratching movement causes micro-lesions in the skin barrier and inflammation that causes more itching."

When your skin gets dry and by itching skin becomes red, inflamed and itchy patches. It is alarming you that you are developing eczema. Eczema is a disease in which itchy, red patch develops on your or your baby cheeks, or chin and chest. It becomes more irritant by scratching. It is common in children but it can occur at any age. No treatment yet found of eczema but self-care measure can relieve itching and stop further damaging.