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How can I find treatment of Fungal Skin Problems?

A fungal infection is a fungus-caused skin illness, commonly known as mycosis. Fungi are made up of millions of different species, and they can be found in the soil, on plants, household surfaces, and even on your skin. They can sometimes cause skin problems such as rashes or pimples. 

Fungal Skin Infection Facts and Figures 

According to a study called ‘Serious fungal infections in Pakistan,’ fungal skin infections are pretty common among Pakistani people, but not everyone is diagnosed. The research also found that in 2016 out of 184.5 million people in Pakistan, around 3.28 million people had fungal skin infections. Some further facts and statistics about fungal skin infections have been given below:

Prevalence of Fungal Skin Infections in PakistanApprox. 1.78%
Common inAdults
At-Risk GenderBoth males and females
Average Age for DiagnosisAny age 
Problems related to Fungal Skin InfectionIrritation, Scaly skin, Itching, Swelling
Specialists Who Treat Fungal Skin InfectionDermatologists