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How can I find treatment of Gastric Ulcer?

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What is a gastric ulcer?

A gastric ulcer is a sore in the lining of the stomach and small intestine. An ulcer on the inside of the stomach damages the protective lining. This results in inflammation due to stomach acids affecting the walls of the abdomen.

The gastric ulcer can heal on its own but in some cases, it results in bleeding, a hole in the stomach wall, or gastric obstruction. 

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What are gastric ulcer symptoms?

The symptoms of a gastric ulcer include;

  • Intense pain in the center or upper part of the stomach especially at night

  • Heartburn, indigestion, and acid reflux

What are the causes of gastric ulcers?

A gastric ulcer is caused by;

  • H.pylori bacterial infection 

  • Long-term use of NSAID medicines 

How to diagnose gastric ulcer?

Gastric ulcers are diagnosed by a specialist doctor using H.pylori blood tests or endoscopy. Diagnostic imaging tests like X-ray, and CT-scan also detects gastric inflammation and scarring.

What is the treatment for gastric ulcer?

Gastric ulcer treatment involves changes in diet such as avoiding acidic and caffeine-containing foods. For severe ulceration, antacids and antibiotics are prescribed for symptomatic relief and to kill H.pylori bacteria respectively.

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