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Doctors For Impacted Teeth In Bahawalnagar

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How can I find treatment of Impacted Teeth?

Impacted teeth occur when teeth cannot grow properly on their own; either something is obstructing their movement – such as the baby teeth not falling out – or there is insufficient space for all of the teeth. This causes the teeth to become stuck, sometimes barely protruding from the gum line and sometimes completely hidden beneath the gums.

Some people have multiple impacted teeth, whereas others only have one. This is determined by the causes of impacted teeth as well as how the teeth develop. On the other hand, some people have impacted baby teeth but healthy adult teeth, or vice versa. It is entirely dependent on your particular set of teeth.

While an impacted tooth may not cause pain or discomfort, and you may not even be aware that it exists, it is critical to keep an eye on it and, in some cases, treat it.