Best Dermatologists For Mouth Ulcers Treatment In Karachi

Dr. Hassan Liaquat Memon

(4.8 / 5)

(32 Reviews)

Dr. Mukesh Kumar

(5 / 5)

(5 Reviews)

Frequently Asked Questions

The fee for specialists of Mouth Ulcers in karachi varies from PKR 500-3000 depending upon doctor's experience and qualification.

No, there are no extra charges to book an appointment through

Click Here To book your appointment with a specialist of Mouth Ulcers. You can also book your appointment with a specialist of Mouth Ulcers by calling at 042-32591427 or 0311-1222398. There are no extra charges for booking through Marham.

Ulcers in the mouth are painful sores that occur in the mouth. Although they do not feel well, they are generally harmless and resolve in a week or two. Oral ulcers are common and can usually be treated at home without consulting your dentist or family doctor. Go to your pharmacist first, unless your ulcer lasted more than three weeks.

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