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How can I find treatment of Nosebleed?

A nosebleed may be scary, but it rarely indicates a medical problem. The nose contains several blood vessels near the surface in both the front and the back, and these vessels are fragile and bleed easily. Anterior nosebleeds occur when blood vessels in front of your nose break and bleed. Posterior nosebleeds happen in the back or deepest part of the nose, and the blood flows down the back of the throat. Posterior nosebleeds could be dangerous.

Nosebleed Facts and Figures 

Epistaxis is the medical term for nosebleeds, and according to research, they occur more commonly in males than in females. Some facts and statistics about nosebleeds have been listed below:

Prevalence of Nosebleeds Worldwide60%
Common inChildren 
At-Risk GenderMales
Average Age for Diagnosis10 to 35 years
Problems related to Nosebleed High blood pressure, blood clotting disorder, anemia
Specialists Who Treat Nosebleed Ent Specialist