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How can I find treatment of Poor Self Esteem?

An individual with low self-esteem has an awful opinion of themselves and is frequently plagued with the emotions of inadequacy, low self-worth, and a shortage of confidence. 

These people continuously face battle of self-doubt and live in continual worry of self rejection. 

It will have a huge effect on a lot of things in their life, inclusive of relationships, overall performance, and general well-being.

What are the Symptoms indicating Poor Self-Esteem?

The symptoms of poor self-esteem are;

  • Persistent self-criticism and negative self-talk

  • Excessive concern about others' opinions and fear of rejection

  • Difficulty accepting compliments or feeling unworthy of praise

  • Avoidance of new challenges or opportunities due to fear of failure

  • Feelings of guilt, shame, or self-blame

  • Doing comparison with others and facing feelings of inferiority

  • Tendency to seek validation and approval from others

  • Social withdrawal or isolation

  • Emotional sensitivity to criticism or perceived slights

  • Lack of assertiveness and difficulty in expressing personal needs and boundaries

What are the Reasons for Poor Self-Esteem?

The causes of poor self-esteem can be

  • Traumatic events

  • Negative self-perception

  • Social comparisons

  • Media influence

  • Societal and cultural influences

  • Lack of support and validation

  • Academic or professional setbacks

  • Negative childhood experiences

  • Setting excessively high standards and fear of failure.

How to Diagnose Poor Self-Esteem?

Poor self-esteem is typically diagnosed through the use of self-reported questionnaires that measures one's perception of self.

Other than this, it includes clinical interviews that probe beliefs and moves associated with self-confidence. 

There are also some checklists or inventories that look for indications of continual negative self-talk and feelings of inadequacy.

How to Manage Poor Self-Esteem?

Treatment for low self-esteem frequently comprises a multifaceted strategy that emphasises:

  • Self-care and self-compassion

  • Building a support network

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)