2 Best Doctors For Prostate Cancer In Abbottabad

Asst. Prof. Dr. Sajid Khan

PMDC Verified

Cancer Specialist / Oncologist, Cancer Specialist / Oncologist, Medical Specialist

MBBS, FCPS (Medical Oncology)


12 Yrs



Video Consultation

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Rs. 4,000

Noor Medical centre, Al Mansoor Town, Abbottabad

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Rs. 2,000

Dr. Abdul Manan

PMDC Verified

Radiation Oncologist

MBBS, MSc Radiation and Medical Oncology


10 Yrs

Pak Diagnostic Center, Mansehra Road, Abbottabad

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Rs. 1,000

How can I find treatment of Prostate Cancer?

Marham enlists the best doctors for prostate cancer in Abbottabad. Book an appointment or online consultation with the best cancer specialist for prostate cancer treatment in Abbottabad. We have enlisted the doctors on the basis of their qualifications, experience, location, and fees.

What is Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer is the malignant tumour growth in the prostate which is the part of male reproductive system. Prostate cancer can metastasize to the organs surrounding the organ. It is one of the widely spread types of cancer that ranges from mild to aggressive tumor cell growth. Prostate cancer usually progresses slowly and can be treated with medication however, in a few cases, it can be life-threatening. 

What are the causes of Prostate Cancer?

There are no known causes of prostate cancer. However, it is reported that the chances of cancer increase depending on the;

Age: The risk of prostate cancer is increased in men over the age of 55 years. Older men are more likely to develop cancer as compared to the young.

Family History: The genetic factor also plays a role in increasing the risk of prostate cancer. Those with a family history of cancer are more likely to develop the disease at some stage in their life. 

Body weight: The risk of prostate cancer is increased in men who are overweight, particularly during their later years of life. 

What are the symptoms of Prostate Cancer?

The signs and symptoms of prostate cancer may not occur at the initial stages. However, as the cancer progresses, the following symptoms are reported;

  • Trouble urinating

  • Painful ejaculation

  • Blood in semen

  • Blood in urine

  • Loss of body weight

  • Pain in the pelvic area

It is recommended to discuss your symptoms with the best doctor for prostate cancer in Abbottabad to prevent the spread of cancer. 

How Prostate Cancer is diagnosed?

Prostate cancer is diagnosed in men who report the related symptoms using the following screenings;

Digital rectal exam: During a digital rectal exam, the doctor examines the prostate using lubricated fingers and recommends further tests, if needed

PSA test: Prostate-specific antigen-PSA is a substance naturally produced by the prostate. A blood test is performed to detect its level as it is increased during prostate cancer. 

Biopsy: The sample from the prostate tissue is drawn to diagnose the tumor growth in the gland using its microscopic examination. 

What is the treatment for Prostate Cancer?

Lower stages of prostate cancer do not require any treatment. For aggressive stages of cancer, the following treatment approaches are used;

Surgical Treatment: Various types of prostatectomies are available to surgically remove the prostate and the nearby affected tissues

Radiation Therapy: The cancerous growths are killed using high-frequency radiation

Hormone Therapy: The medicines that reduce the production of testosterone help reduce the prostate tumors

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapeutic medicines for prostate cancer are recommended when the hormone therapy fails to suppress the tumor.

Book an appointment with the top oncologist near you through Marham. You can also talk to a doctor online through our platform to get the best healthcare service for prostate cancer in Abbottabad.

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The fee for specialists of Prostate Cancer in abbottabad varies from PKR 500-3000 depending upon doctor's experience and qualification.

Top 2 Prostate Cancer Doctors in Abbottabad are:

  1. Asst. Prof. Dr. Sajid Khan
  2. Dr. Sajid Khan

2 Prostate Cancer Doctors in Abbottabad are:

  1. Asst. Prof. Dr. Sajid Khan
  2. Dr. Sajid Khan