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Doctors For Tricuspid Atresia In Wah Cantt

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How can I find treatment of Tricuspid Atresia?

After a Fontan operation, fenestration closure is a procedure to close the hole between your child's heart and the tunnel that transports oxygen-poor blood from the body to the lungs. The process is carried out in the heart catheterization laboratory.


  • The procedure is carried out in the heart catheterization laboratory. There is a slight chance that your child will experience complications as a result of the process.
  • Because the Fontan procedure necessitates open-heart surgery, your child will be placed on a heart-lung machine, which will temporarily take over blood circulation and breathing. The procedure will take approximately five hours.
  • Fenestration of the Fontan circuit allows deoxygenated blood to be shunted about the systemic circulation. The clinical outcomes of this procedure were a high risk of having a Fontan procedure fail. However, whether fenestration is beneficial for standard-risk patients is debatable