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Teeth Whitening Treatment In Chishtian

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How can I find treatment of Teeth Whitening?

Here is the list of the best doctors for teeth whitening treatment in Chishtian. Find complete details, timings, patient reviews, treatment costs, and contact information. Book an appointment online with the best dentist for teeth whitening in Chishtian. The price range for teeth whitening treatment ranges between 5000- 30,000 PKR.

It is now simpler to locate the best doctor through Marham to schedule online teeth whitening appointments with one of Pakistan's most experienced dentists in Chishtian.

Teeth whitening is a simple cosmetic procedure that restores the lost smile. The procedure uses bleach or non-bleach procedures to whiten the teeth and remove the stains from the tooth surface. Marham provides the best dentists service for teeth whitening treatment in Chishtian.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that uses bleach (peroxide gels) or nonbleach procedures to remove stains and restore the teeth's color. Power bleaching helps remove the tar and plaque residues that develop over time due to aging, smoking, and another factor. 

Teeth whitening treatment may require more than one session to complete the process.

What is the teeth whitening treatment?

Teeth whitening procedure can be completed in a single session in 45-60 mins.

The procedure for teeth whitening treatment involves;

  • Gel application to protect the gums from the products that are applied for teeth whitening

  • The bleach or other cleaning chemicals are applied using a mouthguard. Peroxide is generally used as a bleaching agent

  • When peroxide is broken, oxygen is released which brightens the color of the teeth by inducing surface and deep cleansing.

How long do whitened teeth last?

The effect of teeth whitening treatment generally lasts for about 3 years. The length of the effect also varies depending on the habits of the individual as the treatment results may vanish soon in smokers and those who excessively consume cold drinks and other such sugar products.

Is whitening teeth damaging?

Whitening treatment for teeth is generally safe but it can cause sensitivity in some cases. In some cases, the following may result from treatment;

  • Gums discomfort

  • Sore throat

  • White patches in gums 

How long does teeth sensitivity last after whitening?

Teeth sensitivity is the most common complaint after the whitening procedure and is more noticeable in individuals with sensitive gums. It may settle down within a few days however, consult your dentist if it does not resolve.

When do you require teeth whitening services in Chishtian?

Teeth whitening is the best treatment option to restore the lost white color of the teeth. This service is taken in a number of conditions that include;

  • Discolored teeth due to stains from coffee, tea, or smoking

  • Loss of white color teeth due to aging

  • Minerals may result in teeth stains

  • Tar or plaque deposits

  • Certain antibiotics like tetracycline might cause teeth discoloration

Consult the best dentist for teeth whitening treatment through Marham or call us to know the teeth whitening treatment price in Chishtian, Pakistan.