Dr. Salih Murat Imer - Neuro Surgeon

  • MD

اپائنٹمنٹ بکنگ کی سہولت مفت میسر ہے

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Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital

Sisli, Istanbul

Fee: Rs. 2000

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Professor Salih Murat Imer, a renowned Turkish Neurosurgeon, is a graduate from Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Istanbul. He has a grip on various languages including English and Spanish. Dr Salih specialised in neurosurgery from the Department of Neurosurgery, Istanbul University, Turkey. He served in the army as a consultant neurosurgeon. Furthermore has been serving in multiple institutes. He has been a consultant neurosurgeon in Trakya University, assistant professor of Neurosurgery in the same institute, consultant neurosurgeon in Istanbul University and later an associate professor as well. Dr Imer is now serving as a professor of neurosurgery at Istanbul University. 

His main areas of interest are functional and stereotactic neurosurgery and skull base surgery. Dr Salih Murat is considered as one of the best neurosurgeons in Turkey and has been dealing with his cases successfully for the past 25 years. He is very well informed and updated about his profession. To contact him call on 03111222398