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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Adnan Kanpurwala

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Tahir Medical Center

419/A Amir Khurso Road, CP Berar Society, Karachi

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A brief intro to Endocrinologist?

Endocrinology is the field of hormone-related diseases. An endocrinologist can diagnose and treat hormone problems and the complications that arise from them. Endocrinologist is a doctor who is specialist in diagnosing and treating diseases affecting your glands, hormones and endocrine system. Endocrine system comprises of glands such as pituitary, adrenals, thyroid, reproductive glands, and pancreas. Endocrinologist in Karachi will treat diseases such as metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis, hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism. Endocrinologists also specialize in treatment of some specific diseases such as diabetes. They help people who have diabetes in living a better life and also help them in managing their diabetes well. Endocrinologist can also help women with menopause and osteoporosis. 

The best endocrinologist in Karachi are Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Adnan Kanpurwala practicing in Tahir Medical Center, Karachi. These endocrinologists provide best services in Diabetic Pump Therapy, Disorders Of Male And Female Gland Hormones, Lipid Abnormalities, Lipid Disorders, Menstrual Disorders, Parathyroid , Parathyroid Gland Disorders, Pituitary Gland Disorders, Short-Height, Thyroid Disorders , Thyroid Fnac, Thyroid Nodule in Karachi.  Here is the list of best Endocrinologists in Cp Berar Society Karachi. Find complete details, timings, patient reviews and contact information. Book appointment or take online video consultation with the listed doctors. Moreover, now you can book online video consultation with the listed doctors in Cp Berar Society Karachi through Marham official website or mobile app. Call at Marham helpline: 042-32591427 to schedule your appointment.

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