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Patient Questions from Dr. Azra Shamsi

Asking for Other, Female, 35 years old

حمل کے دوران بچے کی گروتھ نہیں ہوتی

حمل ٹہرتا ہے کچھ عرصہ بعد پتہ چلتا ہے کہ گروتھ نہ ہونے کی وجہ سے بچے کی موت واقع ہو گئی ہے اس لیے حمل ضائع ْْ گرانا پڑتا ہے ۔ آیا یہ مرض قابل علاج ہے

Asking For Self, Female 29


I am 7 weeks pregnant can I travel from Dubai to Pakistan in this condition plz answer??

Asking For Self, Female 35


I m week 10 pregnant I have two scans that are fine heartbeat and movement is positive.my question is kis week me pata chl jata k baby body shape me agayi hy mere do bar abortions hue hain due to NTD head ni bannra tha or Drs ny ana...

Asking For Self, Female 27

Baby Position

i m 4 month pregnant, yesterday after distarge of feces i feel some pain in my belly, my gina said that my baby moves down in uterus. what should i do now ? and is this a big problem?

Asking For Self, Female, 34 Years old

No Ovulation And Periods

No periods for a year. Got abnormal uterine bleeding ultrasound says premenopausal indicated. Is it possible to conceive with premenuposal?

Asking For Wife, Female 21

Pregnancy Detection

We just found the double line on pregnancy test kit. What to do right after the positive results on kit ?

Asking For Self, Female 24

Rubella,Cmv, HSV

My 2 year old daughter died, she was rubella igg and cmv igg reactive, i did my torch i'm rubella igg, cmv igg & hsv reactive, what steps should be done before next pregnancy?

Asking For Self, Female, 22 Years old

Calcium During Pregnancy

Can I take CaC1000 plus and Iberet folic 500 in first month of pregnancy? After missing my periods how many days later i should contact my doctor?

Asking For Self, Female 21

Periods Problem

assalamualaikum! mujye kafi time sy periods chal rahye ha Feb ma shadii ha Mari or periods ruk nae rahye kabi Taz hutye ha tu kabi just spotting 3,4 days stop hu jatye ha phir sy start you jatye ma ak medicine khai us sy just 5 to...

Asking For Self, Female 32

Precautions N Medication In Pregnancy

My preg test z positv and its first month . Last year i face miscarige in 2nd month of preg due to bleeding. i hv no kids. What i should do n what not to do. plz guide me

Asking For Self, Female, 25 Years old

Pregnancy Test

Lmp 12 sep 2023 …when should I take pregnancy test please help.. married 2 years no baby

Asking For Self, Female 29

Trying To Be Pregnant

Hello, 9 months since marriage, conceived in Ramzan, but periods came after 39th days, for 11 days, tests came positive. Now I did test today, it shows positive. Can I take iron tab name Mom-fa, and vit-c tabs? And what precaution...

Asking for Self, Female, 33 years old

Asthma Inhaler In Pregnancy

Hello, I am 12 weeks pregnant. I have been prescribed Fortide inhaler twice a day + as needed by a pulmonologist for my asthma (which has been around for about 15 years). The prescription insert that came with the inhaler say...

Asking For Self, Female 26


Assalam o alaikum mjhe Dr ne drip Likh k Di Hain 2 Dafa lagegi lkn samjh NH araha kitne gap SE ye to unho ne bataya hi nh

Asking For Other, Female 23


meri bhabhi ne 2 cesearen karwaye hai ab wo teesri dafa conceive kar rahi hai 2 years 3 month ke gap se to puchna ye tha k normal delivery hosakti hai agar hosakti hai to doctor ka batadein

Asking for Self, Female, 25 years old


Meri beti 3 Sal ki h 2bra conceive nh horha.. periods mn bleeding b bht km hoti aik ya 2 din plz help me

Asking for Self, Female, 29 years old

Labor Pains

Aoa em due 0n 25 of this month..this is my 2nd pregnancy..the problem is em feeling pains on amd off..they are coming and going since 19 june..tonight i felt bearable pain after every 20 minutes but now in morning i am feeling no pa...

Asking for Self, Female, 25 years old

Gyne Related.

I am 19 weeks pregnant. I visited my doctor on 26th of april. In ultrasound everything was normal. I can now feel baby movements. But from one month i am having vaginal itching and rashes that come and go on its own. One day i get...

Asking For Wife, Female 26

Pain In Teeth..

aoa doc meri wife 12 weeks pregnant hain us k dant ma shadeed drad ha like masora b phuly howy hain us k ly kon c medicine use ki.ja sakti ha.... rehnumai kar dain

Asking For Sister, Female 31


my sister is pregnant.its early pregnancy should she take this vitrum multivitamins? or not?