Dr. Naeem Ch - General Physician

Dr. Naeem Ch

General Physician


  • Verified General Physician
  • Rawalpindi
  • PKR 500

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Naeem Ch. Hospital (Rawalpindi)

  • Available On Call
  • Fee: Rs. 500
  • Rawalpindi Cantt, Rawalpindi

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  • Chest Pain
  • Diabetic Treatment
  • Gestational Diabetes Treatment
  • Thyroid Disorders

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Naeem Ch has the following degrees: MBBS

Dr. Naeem Ch is specialist General Physician.

Dr. Naeem Ch charges Rs. 500 for consultation

Forum - Questions Answered

Stroke Patient

My father is a right sided stroke patient. his age is about 45 years old. he is facing this since 6 months. this was happend due to sudden high B.P. now he can walk slowly and the medications are runing properly. he has now adema on upper side of the arm and on knee and feet. he can not move his hand properly but able to move it slightly. For God sake please tell me who much time is still required for his complete recovery because he is the only wage earner of our family. we are now living in extreme poverty. medicians he is currently using 1. Ascard 75 2. lochol 10 3. avsar plus 160/10/25 4. Baclin 5. Tobitil 6. relaxamed 7.pregy .................................................

Back Pain

My father has a severe back pain issue. He is suffering from this issue since last 10-12 years but some times he gets perfectly alright . The pain is so severe , he cannot bear it. Some people say it is muscular pain others say it is some problem in veins. The pain starts from buttock and ends at knee cap . I have attached his test reports . Kindly help me out with this issue .

Itch, Tingling,burning On Left Shoulder

Last few hours se left shoulder blade pe itch, burning or weird se throbbing pain hai jo hr 2,3 minute bd ya ek minute mein kae br hoti specially if t shirt touch this area, No muscle injury, no pain in neck and nothing on skin new, it feels like something coming from inside and area is warm and it now spreading towarda armpit. i took my allergy drop vaccine from dust mites on sunday which i am taking from last six week and no medicine changed in recent time. i am also feeling tired like some viral trying to hijack my system.

Severe Feet Pain

m mother of 3kids via c section. Fatty liver. No other medical issue. Bt im having severe pain in my feet. Both in heel n sole. Uric acid phle high hota tha. Bt abi normal ha.pain in heel is so much tht i hv problem in walking. Wht can b the reason?

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