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Right after my milk teeth got replaced, my teeth became crooked and yellowish. I consulted a dr and he said that my mother had taken some med when she was carrying me thats why my teeth are getting yellow in color. I want to ask that can i go for teeth whitening laser therapy? How longterm are its’ effect? Is there any other solution? Thankyou


Assalam o alikum,

There are multiple treatments available for different levels of teeth discoloration. In your case, teeth whitening can make most of the stains go very light to nearly vanish. With better whitening and whitening maintaining systems the results can last you pretty long. The medicine stain would not return once whitening is done however you will need to be careful about other staining foods and drinks that can reduce the after effects of the treatment.

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Can you please state the most cheapest and effective treatment? i can not afford to spend a lot of money. Is there any treatment that i can do at home? Can u recommend me any medicines to be used??

1 year ago

Dr. Muhammad Ahad Shabbir

depending on the severity of the staining and also their nature of it, a laser whitening procedure may be the most economical procedure that you can have, it can range from 042-32591427, to 042-32591427, at its cheapest. there is not a home remedy that can help you on this one because most of the online or famed home remedies end up making the things worse in your type of dental staining. it is to note as well that the stains after the teeth whitening procedure, will develop a generalized lighter tone and by that your stains will also become lighter. the other way of reducing or eliminating the stains is through Veneers, those are a bit more expensive ranging from 6 thousand rupees per tooth to 60 thousand per tooth depending on the material used.

it will be better if you seek help from a teaching dental hospital, there you might have a better chance of getting the cheapest most effective treatment.

1 year ago


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Dear u r suffering from intrinsic stains or flourosis .Now what can be done is cosmetic procedure.Laser whitening does not removes stains rather it lightens the teeth color.Same for other bleaching methods.U might be candidate for veneers but final suggestion would be after clinical appointment.


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