Grey Hair


dctrs i have alot of grey hair on left side it started when i m 12 years old now i m 25 never use any medicine grey hair problem is cure able? if it is what should i do????? thanx


Ajmal Rashid

Greying of hair is genetic. As such there is no effective treatment for that. You can dye your hair. Keep you diet well balanced. Balanced means a diet which contains everything like milk, meat, egg, vegetables,fruit etc. You are at Sargodha. So I would suggest that you should consult Dermatologist of PAF Hospital Sargodha or Dr Amir Manzoor at Niazi Hospital. Consultation is always good for good assessment.


Post Owner

thanku doctr but its not genetic issue in my family and i m totaly vegetarian i can't eat meat but i saw people who eat meat they also victim of grey hair . thanku so much for guidance

2 years ago


Pictures please

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