Mole And Warts On Face


i have these spots and small warts on face from quite a long time, had several treatments but they disappeared the time i used the topical creams and now they have reappeared with increase in number and spreaded to both sides of face. they do not cause any trouble like itching but don't look good


SaFi Khattak

Dear use home based remedies. like apply mixture of Yogurt and lemon juice daily.
Make a paste of gram flour + milk+ turmeric powder+ honey+lemon juice and apply it on face.
Safriderm whitening cream is also good.
I have the same problem and doctor prescribed me Melafin whitening cream and Glowpic pycnogenol tablets.
but home remedies are showing their results. it will take 2 to 3 months. dear don't worry.
Stay blessed

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