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I've got moles on my the one that bothers me most is on my developed about 3 yrs ago.sometimes it's a flat mole bt it sometimes becomes darker in color and slightly raised from surface.dermatologist says it looks like a wart.its cautery has been done bt no difference seen.its now a flat pigmented mole.kindly tell me what it can be and why it becomes prominent at one time and regressed in size at other time.


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Aoa hope u will be fine , I would like to see the pic of that and other things if it is changing size and shape then it should be removed and biopsy should be sent , bcz it is a dangerous signs of changing moles to malignancy so better get it assessed


Asim Durrani

I want to examine it before giving any openion.
May be in needs excision or biopsy or both at the same time .
Plz confirm the appointment as soon as possible


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There r many types of moles. Cant say anything for sure without examining.
Cautery can remove a superficial mole. If its deep, it has to b excised. U
can consult any plastic surgeon in ur area n get it excised.
It can appear big if u scratch or touch it.

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