Over Night White Hairs Appears Every Few Weeks.


I'm having white hairs on face, it's like over night white hairs appears.. Why I'm saying this because before Sleep I properly checked myself there was no white hair on xyze area on face but after I woke up in morning I found existing few hair like 2-3 hairs on face change into white color. this kind of thing happens every week. or after few days. I'm very upset, and trying to figure out why this is happening. it has been almost 6 months and there are now more than 50+ counts of white hairs on face which is huge amount in this age.. 1 more thing. since childhood my head hairs are already white/grey.. when I was 20th it was 40 to 50% hairs changed into Grey/White hairs. Help me out. and let me know where to reach and seek for you in Karachi with what sort of blood reports etc. Thanks Regards, S.Ali


Asma Salman Omer

consult dermatologist Afzal Lodhi in Karachi. Is it possible for you?

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