Developed cataract in my both eyes due to excessive use of Dexachlor eye drop that contains steriod. is there any solution instead of surgery?


Waseem Iqbal

I am sorry to say the only solution for Cataract of any type is surgery.
Good thing is that now a days Cataract surgery is safest surgery and recovery period is not in days but in hours.
Just try to select good surgeon and avoid saving money.

Dr. Abdul Rauf - Eye Surgeon

MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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Aoa if ur vision is markedly compromised then there is no other solition
besides surgery so better to plan for surgery amd you r young if eye
surgeon thinks it can b imroved with glasses and u r staisfied then only
option but in long run surgery should b a good decision

Dr. Ali Tayyab - Eye Specialist

MBBS, FCPS | Islamabad

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No, if your vision is adversely affected so she is the only solution.
However if you are able to perform your activities of daily living you may
delay surgery but inevitably surgery is the only solution for cataracts


No. No other solution than surgery

Dr. Rizwan Ahmad Ch - Eye Specialist


No other way out except surgery if cataract is dense enough

Prof. Dr. mian Muhammad Arshad Mahmood - Eye Surgeon

MBBS, DOMS,FCPS (Optha).MSC. Medical Education | Lahore

The only solution is phacoemulcification and iol implantation

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