My friend had partial blur vision initially but now has full blur vision due to high blood pressure. Any treatment for CRVA?



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A.a. central retinal vein occlusion occurs due to high B.P. but final diagnosis can b made only after complete examination and then treatment given. so you should get him checked first n then go for treatment.


CRVO needs proper follow up by Ophthalmologist and depending on eye examination findings injections inside eye can be beneficial. Patient have complete check up and investigated for cause and treatment as soon as possible


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If diagnosed with central retinal vein occlusion your friend will need eye injections to prevent further damage and improve blur. Also blood pressure control and eye pressure monitoring is required. Regular Ophthalmolgist check is mandatory to avoid complications.


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Thanks for asking,This patient require accurate assessment of visual acuity
,detail fundus examination,and certain test if necessary ,such as FFA,or
OCT,after this it could be decided treatment plain,one ,Full physical
examination is also necessary such as frequent monitering Blood
pressure,Lipid prifile,to avoid similar condition in other eye,


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patient needs retinal examination to start treatment to save the vision with intravit injections e OCT and need examination of other eye ... control of hypertension