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Aoa. I was hit by stone on my left orbital rim rim a few years ago. After that I have trouble focusing with both eyes at the same time. The problem isn't obvious when viewed. I can get perfect focus and movement of both eyes if I tilt my head to the right. I got it checked by a ophthalmologist but she said I had to visit the Rawalpindi eye hospital for a more thorough checkup. Is there a facility in isb that has equipment for thorough examination like double Maddox rod testing etc?


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You can visit me at waseemeyeclinic.com or Ser an online consultation at around 6 pm today . Your issue is not very problemetic. No need to worry


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Do as adviced 


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It's very far so It's hard to manage time to go. I was hoping for an alternative in Isb

6 days ago


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Yes go to shift eye trust Rawalpindi there facility is available 


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Shifa eye trust rwp


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Hello It seems you're suffering from diplopia which could be post traumatic ! I need to see the prescription of the doctor you consulted . It's better you see a reliable doctor who has the time to examine you thouroughly. If you like I can recommend some colleagues   Please let me know if I can help


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Thank you but the doctor did a thorough checkup. At the end she recommended Hess charting. I just wanted to know if it's done anywhere in Islamabad.

3 days ago