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My doctor has said that my eye pressure is above normal eye pressure it is 28 and he said it is dangerous however I have seen no sign of pressure I also got farsightedness of almost 1.5 and 1.75 of right and left respectively


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Dr Shamshad Ali here
Dear High eye pressure is the major risk factor for development of GLAUCOMA ( کالا موتیا)۔ An Eye specialist can check the other signs of GLAUCOMA along with high iop. so don't take it light and get checked by some good eye specialist.
You can visit healthcare eye clinic Wahdat road Lahore


One reading is not enough. Get eye pressure checked again and if still high do test like Visual Field 30-2 for proper diagnosis. High Eye pressure is silent killer of vision just like high blood pressure is silent killer


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I’m just 16 and there is no other sign
What is the normal eye pressure ?

1 month ago

Dr. Kashif Ali

Normal eye pressure should be under20 but raised eye pressure without any other positive Glaucoma signs on eye test like Visual fields and OCT only need monitoring
So must get these two investigations from any eye specialist near you

1 month ago



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definitely this pressure is above than normal. but we have to see other signs before giving any medication or labelling any disease. there are also chances of increase in refractive error with this pressure. is there any history of glaucoma?



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your eye pressure is above normal limit and it should be investigated properly. some test and examination is required to diagnose if there is problem of glaucoma. raised eye pressure dont cause any symptoms always bt it damages vision silently and usually patient doesnt identify it


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Yes. 28 is very high and you need to be on regular drops. If you don’t use it, you will eventually go blind. There are no symptoms. 


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In my humble opinion , there are few more things that should be done:
1. Phasing: IOP recording at different time in one day
2. Gonioscopy : to see if the channels regulating your IOP are open or closed
3. Visual Field analysis especially central vision (24-2)
4. OCT especially spectral domain to check status of nerve fibre layer
5. Opinion from one another eye specialist
- also tell me if you have a family history of glaucoma
Remember once you are labelled as having Glaucoma and treatment is started then NO eye surgeon is ever going to stop it!!

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