Eye Trouble After Injury

Aoa. 4 years ago I was hit by a stone at high velocity right on my left orbital rim. After that I've had subtle facial asemmetry. My left side cheek is flat and doesn't contract like my right. Also I feel my eyes don't focus on things if I don't forcefully focus them. And I get discomfort while looking at sides. All discomfort goes away if I tilt my heat to the right. My focus doesn't go away and my movements become Smooth. I got it checked by a ophthalmologist and even had Hess charting done. I was told it was fine. But I'm still have the problem. I was wondering if there were other tests to help me?



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what i got from your complain... i think it is some kind of nerve palsy... but there should be some information in your hess test... please upload your reports so that i can reach the diagnosis


FRCS, MBBS | Karachi

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You probably need to see a maxillo-facial surgeon who will do a CT scan of your orbit to see if there is a floor blowout that can cause your symptoms. Would suggest to see Dr Jehanzeb Mughal at Mughal Health Care in DHA phase 5. 


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Your history suggests that one of your eye muscle got injured. If you can share your hess Chart may be I can get an idea which muscle or nerve is involved and give you the best opinion.