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I am asking for my Son, it feels like eyeballs are not aligned as his left eye is a bit away from center. Mostly when he wakes up it becomes more prominent. He never claimed any weak sight, he just started his school and doing writing and reading activity with no difficulty. Please guide about this scenario and suggest a way forward. Thank you


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Simply, Consult some Ophthalmologist and first thing to check is his vision in both eyes.
He may be needing glasses.


Patient is having mild exotropia or divergent Squint you must consult eye spec near you for vision and assessment of Squint


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The first thing to do is to ensure that the child does not need glasses.
This requires a special test in which eye drops are used to deliberately
blur vision for a bit to ensure accurate calculation of requirement of
glasses or otherwise. If glasses are not indicated than an orthoptist
should be consulted to get appropriate measurements. Finally the
ophthalmologist can decide when to surgically intervene if glasses or other
forms of therapy are not indicated/ successful.

As this process requires the presence of a qualified optometrist,
orthoptist and ophthalmologist I strongly advise you to visit a place where
all 3 are available. In Karachi that would be Aga Khan, in Islamabad either
Shifa International or Al-Shifa Eye trust on rawal road. In lahore i assume
LRBT offers all these services but i am not too sure. There may be other
places in these cities but these are the ones that I know of.


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Wasalam he has developed squint
He should b treated as soon as possible he will use glasses and patch if
needed and may b go fr surgery depneds
So first should be checked on immediate basis
If in lahr u can visit my clinic or ur near by eye specialist



You need to get the child examined please It's important 


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This child has squint and must be seen by a consultant  for detailed examination.surgery may be indicated.Thanks Dr Mukhtar FRCS FRC OPTH LONDON.ALAIN INSTITUTE 241/3/A Shshrah e QuaideenTel.   042-32591427, .  042-32591427,