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I have bacterial colonies at the base of the eyelashes at my eyelid margin. When I scratch it sometime it bleeds a little bit. What should I do?


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Dear you have got severe blapharitis
U should wash eyelashes with baby johnson shampoo twice a week
And lid hygiene imrove
And better you visit my clinic through marham
If u r near by


It’s a form of blephritis or inflammation of eye lids most imp is lid hygiene. Wash eye lashes with Baby shampo at night then apply maxitral eye ointment at base of eye lashes after washing for at least two wks and then get urself checked up from any eye specialist near you


MBBS, FCPS | Islamabad

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This is called blepharitis. You need to keep your lid clean and apply
medication. Keep in mind that the treatment will be of a long duration and
recovery will be slow

1. Lid hygiene: Wash your hands with soap and water. Wet your lashes. Take
a drop of baby shampoo and with your eyes closed gently but firmly scrub
your lashes. then was with water. Do this before going to bed and in the

2. Use a topical lubricant. They are over the counter medication. The more
expensive the better.

3. Warm compresses with a soft towel either warmed using a medium iron or
luke warm water. Gently apply on your eye (closed) and massage. Do this
about 6 to 7 times in a 2 sittings

3. You may need to use a topical antibiotic-steroid ointment twice a day,
but would require a doctor's prescription.



Aoa dear you need a thorough examination and the treatment is a bit prolonged Please visit heal eye centre for your checkup and prescription 

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