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Hello, When my daughter looks at a certain angle downwards, the lens of her left eye seem to have fallen down and the eye becomes wide. This is the case when she smiles and is hyper active. When she was little, we consulted many specialists and almost all said nothing can be done as it's a muscle weakness by birth. The muscle might become strong by itself. But the problem is still persisting. Please advise me what can be done. Thanks I have been trying to post picture for refrrrnce but it's taking forever. Plz tell me where else can I send the pic.


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I think what you are referring to is a deviation of the eye ball rather
than the lens within the eye. There are many causes for such deviation.


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Please send me her eye photos and previous eye consultation papers.


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Needs evaluation. Then it may be possible to comment.


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Show to a peadiatric Ophthalmolgist and they will advice


Syeda Moin

i want to know for my mother that her sclerotic coat of the eye is damage. doctor suggested for immediate operation but they said, there is an small chance to cure her eye to see accurately.
please suggest is there any other option to protect her eye.
she is pre diabetic, taking one medicine of b.p with an weight age approx 60.
waiting for your response.

11 months ago


Munir Ahmed

Sir I am Muneer Ahmed from Balochistan.
My son Khizar is about 45 days older and facing eye problem since his birth. Eyes are closed . Doctors here in Quetta said that it is anophtalmic case but I am not satisfied and want to check up my son in Karachi. Plz sir solve my problem and suggest me something good. I will be thankful to you rest of my life.