Retinal Detache

My son suffer with retinal detachment. And had surgery virectomy 3yrs before but have no vision except light response.kindly help me how can i get solution or hope about my son vision


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In kids we usually avoid Internal approach and prefer external approach.
Only primary surgeon knows what he did and what would be the outcome.
Any answer to this question would be inappropriate without knowing the details of surgery and Current status of Retina.



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This is not an easy question to answer. The retina, like the brain is very
sensitive to loss of nutrition due to detachment. As the detachment was
more than 3 yrs a go, and despite surgery the vision did not improve much
,i am afraid to say the prognosis for any further improvement is very
grave. The way forward from here is to ensure that the cause that led to
the detachment in does not affect the other eye if possible. This needs a
vitreo-retina specialist consultation and may include laser to the retina
of the good eye if required