Right Eye Vision Loss An Tinnitus


My mother has been suffering from right eye vision loss which the doctor think is a candida albicans infection due to prior history. Test results regarding candidasis will take time...yesterday we went for her MRI and the findings were tiny indeterminate bright foci in right frontal and left parieto-occipital lobes, and mucosal thickening in right maxillary sinus. She is also having tinnitus in her left ear from last two weeks and is diabetic. Can you please explain the mri report findings

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Wasalam first vision loss is not related with current condition ...as u
mentioned it was due to fungal infection .MRI shows most likely either
demyelinating condition and involving those areas who control hearing areas
..would b better if you share films of MRI and best would to consult ENT
surgeon ..


She might be has gone through endogenous endophthalmitis caused by Candida albicans and most likely infection comes through either by paranasal sinuses or penetrated through cornea.Exact cause is yet unknown however studies have shown if someone is suffering with this microorganism, traces have been found in kidney of such patient too.


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Yes she was a patient of poly nephrosis and had a stone in upper ureter. She has gone through a procedure for removing pus from kidneys some 3 weeks back

2 years ago


Where is MRI?

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