Allergy Rhino Sinusitis


my cousin is suffering from Allergy called Rhino Sinusitis. She is suffering from this allergy from last 4 years she takes medicine but it takes one week for coming back into normal condition and one week is too many in allergy condition please suggest it's emergency solution so that she will come back into normal life as early as possible.

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Well, unfortunately allergies are diseases which come and go on exposure to that specific antigen. For example, people in Islamabad, many, are allergic to pollen which is abundant in the spring/autumn seasons. And yes it should be managed on ''As required basis' but there are certain medicines which act as preventive and secondly a procedure called 'Desensitization' where they expose the patient to different antigens and give the patient a vaccine which acts against the particular antigen to which patient is allergic. However, mind it, that even this also has a low success rate. But you can visit the 'National institute of Health' at Chak Shahzad. They have a allergy center where they do Desensitization.


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Please give me medicine name according to the allergy

2 years ago


I agree with Dr Hunain Riaz

We don't prescribe medicine at this forum, we only guide you

Try to identify the allergen and avoid it

You must lead a healthy lifestyle and doing half an hour exercise or walk

The following impoves nasal and oral hygiene and helps the patient a lot.
Follow meticulously these very simple things
1. Take lemon juice daily ( sakanjbeen)
2. Put water in your nose, you can do it by
a. While bathing, get your nose up and put water with palm till you feel water in your throat, then blow your nose thoroughly and repeat at least three times.
b . During Wadhu or otherwise at least three times a day, put water in your palm and draw it through your nose till you feel in your throat, blow your nose and do it at least three times at a time( this is right way of Wadhu)
3. Put Vaseline in your nose two times daily.
4. Take two spoons of honey daily
5. Take 7 dates daily.
6. Do warm saline Gorgles daily twice a day
7. For two minutes try to

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