Anemia Problem

Dear Doctor, My mother is suffering from very low hemoglobin 7.7 . She also has a Thalassemia beta trait due to which doctor don't recommend her iron intake. Two years back, Doctor asked her to get 3 bottles of blood to raise her hemoglobin. Now she is feeling very weak & lethargic. She is also patient of rheumatoid arthritis & blood pressure. What should we do about her situation and please recommend a good doctor for her. Thanks.


MBBS,FCPS | Karachi

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Usually person with beta trait do not have any major problems directly related to the trait. Anemia may be very mild and dose not necessarily require treatment except in certain special situation such a s a lady with trait becomes pregnant and develops anemia.

A Hb of 7.7 is low and does not explain its cause to the thalassemia. There may be other causes to it which needs investigations, such as serum iron level, serum folate level and serum B12 level. As she is a patient of RA, she may be using pain killers which in turn may cause micro bleed from GI tract leading to anemia. Also RA in itself being a chronic disease can cause anemia.

If you are in Karachi you may consult me at my clinic through MARHAM.


You need to consult a good Hematologist


Please consult medical specialist