Burning Sensation


what could b the problem and symptom's of it that after dinner when I lay for sleeping sometimes I feel like burning sensation in chest..like its burning and warm from inside when I take water it gets relaxed for some minutes.need solution too

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Dr. Irfan Abu Hadi



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BSc, MBBS(PB), FCPS(Medicine) | Riyadh

Sometimes there is acidity in our stomach after or without meals.This causes pain or burning behind the chest, in throat or burning in food pipe.The solution or home remedy usualy is cold milk or yoghurt at once.However then you need to take ant-acids.
Increased acidity is due to eating spicy or fried food, more coffee or tea, smoking.


Take following measures
1. Take dinner 2 hour before going to sleep
2. Don't lie down after dinner for one hour
3. Don't take water half hour before and one hour after food
4. Take 30 minutes walk after dinner and before going to sleep
5. Take a glass of water when going to sleep

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