Burning Sensation In Upper Right Back Side Of Brain

Am a final year student of software engineering. My life going well before 22dec 2016. On this day i get an pain attach on my friends home , feel studden fear( aise jaise mai marny laga hon. Hath paon kamny lagy sans band hogya ankho k agy andera agya... Ma bhar bhag. Dost mj hospital ly gye... Hospital ponchty ponchty halat tik hogei. Doctor ny kha oxygen ki kami ki waja sy hua hai ya stress ki waja sy. ) Next 3 days get same sessions and pain in head. For next week my condition is: sleepy and fear full days. Loss of appetite, sexual desire, mental stilmulation from tea and coffee. This is continue and i get sharp pain in left testical. Which is daigonsed by qarshi hakeem. Now i have these problems Pain burning sensation pressure in right upper back part of head. Exercise b ni kr pata. Sexual activity k bad relaxment or pleasure ki bajaye sharp fear feel hota... Brain hang sa ho jata hai.


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you need medical check up. may be c_t brain required. or psychological aspects need to be evaluated


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Need ur complet profil .. age martied or not ? Any medication u taking now


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Sir am not married.
My age is 22 years old.
I have sinus problem from my childhood and am using many anti boitics and anti hestamines before this painic attach.
Dr sami muntaz ( ent spcailist at national hospital) ask me for opertaion of sinus but he recommend me to sort out brain and mental issues before that.

Currently am not using any medicine.

1 year ago


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Aoa thank you and it seems you have nerve irritation requiring proper investigations and follow up by a competent physician


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Yes i short listed these two neuro physicians at national hospital lahore.
1. Dr furrakh ali chudary
2. Dr moquit usman.
Which one is more competent in you opinion.


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Kindly visit my clinic
Dr. Syed Shams Haider


Javed Akram

Aoa thank you and sorry to hear a out your agony and may I suggest that you consult a competent physician to reac a diagnosis so proper treatment is initiated


Tab Exapro 10mg daily night for 2 weeks


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Thanks for medicine.
Can you please tell me what kind of disease or disorder i have.
Or is there any side effect of above medicine.

Kind regards.

1 year ago


Assalam o Alaikum
Take half kg of any seasonal fruit on daily basis you can chose different
types of fruit at a time but specially in afternoon
Also avoid smoking and drinking soft drinks and tea as you can
Required MRI for brain but before MRI you can also advice with any
neurologist in Lahore


past hstory any investigation


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