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Asking on someones behalf A lady is 51 years old, she has 4 children, during breast feeding the first two children she developed lumps in underarms, they got relieved when she breastfeeded, but one lump in underarm remained there, during birth of next two child that lump remained there and no other lumps formed while this duration, now its been 23 years almost the lump is there, its soft but she is afraid that it might cause cancer or turn into something else. Is it dangerous?? And if she gets treatment will it spread or can cause problems? What should she do for this? Same case was with another women who turned old and nothing happened to her .


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get opinion from surgeon


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?There are many causes of development of lumps in the axilla/armpits. Some
of these are common and other rare. also some are benign and not dangerous
and while few may be malignant or cancerous. The lump you have asked for
its seems to be a simple fat pad or lipoma. It is likely NOT to be
malignant because of the simple reason that it is there for so many tears
and has not grown and not caused any symptoms as well. However, if possible
she must get this checked from a qualified surgeon for proper assesment and


Post Owner

Tears? She didnt have any surgery in the underarm

2 years ago


Anum Idrees

I have swelling under arms.. I need to concern with u... How can i take an appointment?

5 months ago

Dr. Shahzad Alam Shah
Dr. Shahzad Alam Shah - General Surgeon

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You can visit my clinic at Midcity Hospital jail Rd Lahore 7-9 PM Mon to Fri

5 months ago


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Thank you and she needs a thorough checking before we can reach a diagnosis


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From the prolonged history, it sounds more like a benign lump. However all
armpit abd breast lumps in women in this age group ate suspicious of
mslignancy until evaluated by a physical examination, mammography and (at
least) a (needle) biopsy. A breast cancer detected in an eatly stage is
much bettet abd much more likely to be cured than one that is ignored or
missed due to lack of evaluation.
If interested in our services, you can confirm appointment by calling 042-32591427,
042-32591427, 2. My surgical practoce is situated at United Hospital, Near Kashmir
Bridge, Canal Road, Faisalabad.


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Dear Patient,
If the lump is there for about 25 years it is least likely to be dangerous. It could be lipoma.
Get an ultrasound and xray breast done and show to breast specialist.


najaf niazi

please suggest any breast surgeon in lahore

2 years ago


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consult a surgeon for full assessment.


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