I am experiencing things that have never happened before. And i am not sure whether it is related to diabetes or not. My left side got paralyzed for good 5-10 minutes, and my whole body starts falling numb. There is pain in my left arm and legs often. I feel excessively tired and exhausted. My eyes and neck hurt a lot to an extent that i feel as if I cant move my neck. My eyes are hurt, and I am always sleepy. I can sleep for continous hours. My entire body feels weak and as if I might fall any minute. Kindly help. Please.


First of all, few things mentioned in it is related to diabetes but its not appropriate to declare it as long as Fasting/Random glucose with Hb1Ac are in normal ranges. Second thing is that if there is no previous history of similar symptoms, no diabetes history and the hallmark features are absent, the more likely condition can be because of bad lifestyle. Also, it can be due to some kind of atypical depression to hypothyroid state or a certain anxiety that may be running in your life. The idea to introduce you with other possibilities is that focusing onto diabetes is not the right approach. Visit your physician, talk about your symptoms and get right work up done. You should get better approach towards your condition. Take a serious step in it, you have a young age and you should be less worried about things that do not exist and more towards the focused approach.


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Hi, thank you. This helped. I went to see a physician he also said it is all related to diabetes and bad diet, however i am working on my diet now and regulating my blood sugar levels. But the thing is that the pain in my head neck and eyes does not go away, mu eyes burn and get watery even when at the moment my bsl is 120, the pain is unbearable. Kindly help.

1 year ago