Hello Doctor, My brother, age 26, has been suffering from epilepsy illness since age of 7. In initial few years of its diagnosis, he used to get regular fits and seizures, sometimes very severe as well. We had been contacting several doctors for a long time, untill we came across Dr. Haroon Rasid (late), whose medical treatment worked out for him for a long time. He suggested epival and lamactal as his regular dose medicine, which he used to have been taking for years. however, his mental power and ability to perceive and memorizing things couldn't make up with his growing age, because of his illness coupled with some social restrictions we had to impose on him such as not being able to drive, or stay outside for a long time etc. From last 3-4 years, his fits started again, and we consulted Dr. Haroon's wife who suggested changes in medicine from (lamactal to devenda). His illness has got roots again and getting more regular and intense. Please suggest a good doctor in lahore.


BSc, MBBS(PB), FCPS(Medicine) | Riyadh

Well, sounds like epilepsy which needs to be controlled asap. And also maybe investigated further for a secondary cause ( if not done earlier ). As for a recommendation, I can recommed Dr.Ahsan Nouman. He practices at Neuro-clinic, Johar town, behind Johar Banquet hall.