Health Issues

I have been suffering from flu since last many years , I continously have sneezing and running nose , headache , block ear and chest issues . Vomiting , weight gain and gas troubles


DrNaeem Chaudry

Plz get your allergy test done.
Consult an ENT specialist

Take following preventive measures
Avoid the thing which cause allergy
Follow meticulously these very simple things
1. Take lemon juice daily ( sakanjbeen)
2. Put water in your nose, you can do it by
a. While bathing, get your nose up and put water with palm till you feel water in your throat, then blow your nose thoroughly and repeat at least three times.
b . During Wadhu or otherwise at least three times a day, put water in your palm and draw it through your nose till you feel in your throat, blow your nose and do it at least three times at a time( this is right way of Wadhu)
3. Put Vaseline in your nose two times daily.
4. Take two spoons of honey daily
5. Take 7 dates daily.
6. Do warm saline Gorgles daily twice a day
7. For two minutes try to breathe through nose only , with one nostril closed. ( not two minutes for one breath, you may take as many breaths in two minutes)

After 7 days