Symptoms Of Infection

Some time I feel little pain in my left kidney and bubbling in my left kidney side, it does not always happens. Some time i feel head burning heart palpitation, and some time shortness of breath. I feel difficulty in working mental work but it does not happens regularly i feel normal most part of the day ( I had also suffered from disk problem in backbone before two years)


I would suggest you to consult to physician and discuss this matter. It is possible that there can be some renal or some other abdominal issue but without a workup and detailed history it is not possible to guide you further. Although, I can assure that the disk problem you mentioned is an isolated issue and is nothing to do directly with your kidney problem. You may be tested for renal function, abdominal imaging and other routine tests in later course if it stays undiagnosed.


DrNaeem Chaudry

Get ultrasound of abdomen done

give details about your

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