Abdominal Pain

I’m having light abdominal pains since 2+ weeks and I get tired really fast. I’m married since almost 5 months and I thought I might be pregnant and took 2 home pregnancy test but both came negative. Please help!


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-wellcome and thanks for preffering Marham for your health Consultation.
- dear urine Pregnancy test unable to detect very Early Pregnancy .so it's better to have blood pregnancy test ( serum beta hcg ) and one complete blood count to check haemoglobin.-
- low Haemoglobin can be cause of tired ness.
-have iron ,folic acid and calcium with vitamen D supplements and follow with tests repots .
- balanced diet and daily walk .
- best of luck

Dr. Uzma Mohsin
Dr. Uzma Mohsin - Gynecologist

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in case of positive Pregnancy test and pain better to have transVaginal scan

1 month ago