Hi doctor i want to ask u that from duphaston can i ovulate early?? I am taking fertova sachet and pregnacare conception i am.trying to conceive since 9 to 10.monthss . My all reports are fine .but i am ovulating on cycle 21 22 and my cycle length nowadays is 32 or 34..


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-wellcome and thanks for preffering Marham for your health Consultation.
-Dear duohaston is progesterone for support and help hormonal. It does not affects on Ovulation.
-why u want to prepone ovulation??? Your cycle is like this u can use fertile period of your Cycle in this period. From day 11 to 19 have sex even on alternate days every month.
-have folic acid 5 mgs daily.
-have complete treatment of any health issue u have.
-have recreational activities and quit recreational drugs.
-have balanced diet, weight and Bmi.
-send recent labs and scan report if want more guidance.
-husband General health should be better avoid smoking, better to have seen analysis.
-i hope things would be better.
-best of Luck.


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Duphaston is not help in ovulation


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Duphaston os not realted with ovulation


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Dr uzma my husband doesnt smoke.
Yeah i am trying to.lose my weight last month i went for tvs so at cycle 12 i dont have any follicle at cycle 16 follicle size was 8×8 on cycle 19 16×16×13 and at cycle 21 my follicle size was 20x17mm
And at 22 cycle day i checked from ovulation kit it was dark 2 linee .
So i was ovulated on cycle 22 my doctor suggested me to take femara for boostup so can i take femara?
My tsh fsh lh insulin glucose tolerance test were in normal range prolactin was lil bit high but after taking medicine for 1 month prolactin is also in normal range.
I am taking pregnacare conception and fertova sachet but i dont know whyyy i am still not getting pregnnat i know m overweight but i am ovulating so what is the hurdle???? i am so much depressed nowadays i crieddd alot when i got periods...

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