A.o.A i need help from gyne doc... i am 35 weeks pregnant... all is going well... its my 2nd pregnancy.. 1st baby is 4 yrs old mashaAllah .. dilivered via c.sec... i wanted to go for vbac this time.. my gyne was saying we will try v.bac.. but on my last visit i showed her my last c.sec reports.. n she said 2nd stage decendent tha ap ka baby to is dafa b normal k chances 10% se b km ha can smone plx explain this to me? ????is it true ? ????should i try for normal? ????WHAT DOES 2ND STAGE DECENDANT MEAN??



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Your previous record shows that baby of 3.1 kg got stuck in your bone and even ventouse failed to deliver. So if this time baby is of same weight or more there are increased chances of failure again.


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Failure to descent during 2nd stage increases chance of cesarean in next delivery. Failure to descent means that baby head is unable to pass through birth canal.


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I agree to my fellow colleagues...u were fully head position was ok...then baby weight is also wth in normal limits...and failed vacuum along wth baby caput...all this points towards failure to descend...tht is baby was unable to come out thru ur pelvis...this means ur obstetrician cudnt assessed ur pelvis beforehand that is at ur antenatal visit at 36+wks...if u r asking for my opinion,i ll advise u to hv elective CS at 38wks...y to take risk when already things r so obvious...
Good luck


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thanks alot reallly helped me clear my mind ...

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