Irregular Periods

i was prescribed birth control pills and due to some reason i have to quit. i stopped taking pills on last day of my period and the very next day my periods started again with heavy flow. now its been 5 days i am having heavy periods. is it normal and what should i do next?


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-wellcome and thanks for preffering Marham for your health Consultation.
- dear Contraceptives are hormones and can give side effects , unscheduled bleeding ,mood variations ,acne etc.
- first of all few points missing in your description so it's better to have beta hcg as urgent if it comes positive then have transVaginal scan immediately in gynae Emergency to check need of further immediate intervention.
- in case of negative Pregnancy test have tab postan 500 mgs and tab transenexamic acid 500 mgs 8 hrly for 3-5 days to reduce bleeding along wit iron supplements.
- have complete blood count and thyroid function tests as well .
- U can have tab norethisterone 5 mgs from day 4 to day 25 twice daily and then in next cycle also like this from day 4 to day 25 so do have Cyclically for 3 cycles to regulate cycles .
- I hope things this will help u .
- collect reports and discuss here.
- best of Luck.