mujhy last months periods aye thy but is br nhy aye 10 12 din uper hu gye mn 4 month baby ko feed krwaty with bottle feed bi dety 2 ... ab do teen din se mjhy nausea or vomiting feel hu rhy mny strip se rat ko check kia tha but no pregnancy or hum safety use krtay hn tu phr bi chances hty hn kya pregnant huny ky i m worried


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MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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Yes chances are there. Get your Beta HCG done from laboratory.
consult your doctor.


MBBS, DGO, DOWH | Karachi

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Wellcome and thanks for preffering Marham for your health Consultation.
-Dear after pregnancy and during breast feeding periods can be disturb due to hormonal effects.
-But after delivery and during breast feeding fertility could increase if not Exclusively breast feeding or if getting periods along.
-have serum Beta hcg to Check Pregnancy status.
-if beta hcg positive have folic acid daily and have Detailed Evaluation in gynae Emergency.

-if betahcg negative it's affect of breast feeding don't bother, have regular balanced diet, weight and Bmi.
-daily walk, yoga and Exercise.
-complete treatment for any health issue u have.
-have recreational activities and quit recreational drugs.
-u can have Contraceptives if want to have otherwise can use condoms or with drawal method.
-I hope things would be better.
-best of luck


MBBS, FCPS( Gynecology) | Faisalabad

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Dear it happens mostly in women who are breast feeding, as there are irregular menstrual cycle,so idea about fertile days is least.pregnancy can occur inspite of using barrier method,so plz chek ur urine for pregnancy test.

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