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Hi , there I have been trying to concrete for two years now. All my blood work done are good ,no hormonal issue. Earlier had cysts on ovaries but with changed life style got rid of them as per my gynae ' s suggestion. My gynae put me on lezra for like 5 cycles and this time I even had hcg injection. I responded well on lezra as per ultrasound . Still didn't period cycle is regular but of 34 days. Pls advise what to do next. Also my weight is normal.


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- Wellcome and thanks for preffering icliniq your health consultation.
- Dear I could understand your concern.
- try to have check on any medical issue u and husband have like high blood pressure,diabetes,thyroid or any other medical problem u both have or had Experienced check for that and have regular ,complete check on those .
-have folic acid daily 5 mgs daily .
- for husband it's better to have balanced physical health and should quit Smoking if have Been doing and have one Semen analysis .
- have daily walk ,Exercise. To have balanced weight and BMI .
- have sex in fertile period of Your Cycle to have Conception.
- have less salt,Suger ,oil and spice in diet .
- follow with semen analysis report .
- Best of Luck.


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Aoa i want to concieve its going 1year of my marriage. Is there any pills for concieving earlier. My cycle is accurate .