3 Month Periods Missed


My tests are normal I don't have pcos or harmonal issues m not pregnant as well 2years married but m not having periods from ramazan till todat . please guide me I m much distrbed..wht can b reason.my height is 5.5 n weight is 82kg


first you should go for beta hcG blood test to confirm whether you have pregnancy or not if its negative rhen go for pelvic ultrasound to see endometrial thickness n ovarian size or an cyst n any pelvic pathology. but according to your height you have more wt.so pls try to reduce your wt by diet n exercise .if every think is ok on ultra sound so by loosing wt.even few kg your menstrual cycle become regular n max.chances of conception by itself.


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Thank name m not pregnant m living in USA have done all tests even palvic ultrasound nothing pcos nothing haromonl problem..now Dr suggested me birth control pills...yes I gained weight here m living from December onwards in USA. If my test are okay then Will I conciev early?n my period problem will solv,?

2 years ago

Dr. Rukhsana Tariq - Gynecologist

MBBS, MCPS | Karachi

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There has to be a reason,i am not sure what are the tests performed.Follow
the instructions of the doctors from where u live


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Mame my palvic ultrasound n All harmones test hav done here....dr said all are ok..puls she done pepsmair...but Alhumdulillah m fit madically but now mch worried cz of missed periods ...I past periods were v regular exactly on same date...but after ramazan it happens...

2 years ago

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