38.5 Weeks Pregnant

Mai thyroxin aur glucophage apni pregnancy k start se use kar rhi ho jo k recent test mai range mai hai everything is fine my baby weight is 3 kg and my pelvic bone is normal according to doc and there is a chance of normal delivery according to her.. but she said i can't take risk mai 40 weeks tk pregnancy lae k nhe ja sakty because of thyroid and glucophage and mjhay abhi tak pains bhi nhe hai according to her baby bht oper ki taraf hai To kya mai 39 week k 1 day delivery karwa lo koe problem to nhe hogi aur kya procedure hoga c sec ya normal aur main symptoms kya hongay labour pain k kindly guide me thanks


your doctor can decide what is best for you either to try for normal delivery or go for a c section. In most cases when there is a risk factor involved like diabetes or good weight baby it is better to do a c section. If your doctor gives a try for normal delivery, it can be induced by medicines and the pains you will feel initially will be like period cramps which will then gradually increase in intensity and frequency. You will feel hardening of your uterus and an urge to push. while going through labor pain take deep breaths that helps you stay relaxed and save the energy to push when you are fully dilated. In first time mothers the pains may last upto 12 hours. Wishing you all the best.


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Can we do ic to start labour pain?? Is it safe ??

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